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Maybe it was a #flashforward...

What made thousands of birds fall from the sky?

Merry Christmas, FlashForward fans!  Last year was a very hectic holiday for our favorite characters; how do you think they’re spending this Christmas?

A Quick Reminder to Keep Fighting!

Hey, FlashForward fans!

Please keep those letters, postcards and emails coming in to Paul Lee at ABC.  He holds the keys to FlashForward’s future!

Mr. Paul Lee

ABC Entertainment Group

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521-4588


Dominic Monaghan’s Tribute to Turkerys!  Happy Thanksgiving, FlashForward fans!

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Just in time for the holidays (and for a very good price), you can pick up the DVD on sale at Amazon.com.  It has tons of cool bonus features!  And there’s free shipping!  Enjoy!!

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The DVD is on sale at Best Buy for $24.99, which is a great deal!  DVD sales can be an important part of getting a show to come back (it worked for Family Guy).  Please leave a review on the site since there are only a handful right now.  Remember, the holidays are coming up, and you can give your friends and family a great gift at an excellent price!

Thank you, Veterans, for your service and commitment.  We honor and salute you. #veteransday

Thank you, Veterans, for your service and commitment.  We honor and salute you. #veteransday

Happy Birthday, Gabrielle Union!

Happy Birthday, @GABRIELLEUNION!  We miss you as Zoey on #FlashForward.  Have a great day!

Seven Reasons #FlashForward Should Be Revived

Check out this article with seven reasons FF should come back!  We can think of way more than seven.  How about you?  WHY do you want more FlashForward?